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A Room and a place to call home

After a few long years of constant moving and instability, my two year old son finally has a room of his own and a place to call home. As an overwelmed single father of two I don't think I would have been able to pull this together myself. The Colorful Kidz crew were such a pleasure to have in our home and the end result was jaw dropping to say the least. Amazing work and amazing people.

Zach- Dad

Colorful Kidz came in and quickly transformed my little girl's bedroom into a tween 's space where she can hang out with friends or have time to herself. Not only did Colorful Kidz give my child the room of her dreams, but it was done by volunteers who gave of their time with donations made by others who believe in the program! The hardwork made my daughter's dream a reality! Thank you Colorful Kidz!!

Toni- Mom

We are very lucky that Colorful Kidz did a bedroom in my home. After talking to my 13 year old, they came up with a great plan. The room was done in 2-3 days. It was his room for many years, but not truly his own room. Timing was great he just turned 14 and now this is officially his forever room. His reaction was priceless.

Thank you to everyone involved.

Lorna- Guardian

It is truly life changing for us. I am so grateful, I never could have done this on my own. Words can not express how amazing this is for all of us.


What a great program you design. It's truly a blessing to those who are less fortunate. Please continue the wonderful job that you do. God Bless, because you have truly blessed our family.


Colorful Kidz created an extraordinary space for my son! They were very professional and respectful of our time. They could not have done a better job! I'm amazed at what they did, and forever grateful to them and their time and resources spent on creating a room and space my son will be able to grow in!


I am so overwhelmed by all of the work and the absolute love and kindness that you and your staff showed ******* and me. Meeting you and Colorful Kidz was something I will never forget. The difference in ******* is amazing. He loves his room. He sleeps in his new bed every night and does his drawings at his new work station.
None of this could have happened without the dedication of your incredible volunteers.
I love what you have done for me and my wonderful grandson.

Katherine - Grandmother

Thank you for all of your hard work. You are very talented and you are changing my son's life and showing my children what kindness is. We appreciate you.

Jennifer- Mom

You helped our daughter at a time when it was really important. We are grateful to your organization.

Brittany- Mom