Our Story

Colorful Kidz began several years ago. My name is Caren Berry. For over 25 years I have been an interior designer. After spending time volunteering at an orphanage in India, I contacted my local church and told the church secretary that I wanted to create a room makeover for a child in need. She said they had a family who had just moved out of a shelter, she asked me if I could provide the family with linens that they had already provided the furniture, she added that it was bit mixed match. I asked, if I could meet the family. She said they didn’t speak English but she could send an interpreter to meet me. On that day, I met two young boys one whom loved baseball and the other airplanes. Being an avid diy-er and having a love for flea market finds with the help of a friend we created a room makeover. When the boys had seen what we had done, the joy that they expressed was immeasurable and it was on that day that Colorful KIDZ was born. In July of 2021 Colorful KIDZ opened their doors in E. Sandwich, Massachusetts. Our mission is to makeover rooms for children in need.